1948 – Gentleman’s Agreement


story about Phillip

Phillip Green (a gentile) Gregory Peck

“I wish I was a Jew for 6 months)

Tasked to write a story about prejudice

hating Jews for being Jews

pretends to be a Jew


meets a woman

surprised she can actually think


New York bigotry is everywhere

mailmen, doctors, hotel keepers


hates the Jews

and a list of others

anti Jewish jokes

build a wall

keep them out

keep America Christian


8 Oscar nominations

won 5

Best Picture



1948 – The Naked and the Dead



this was a time when folks still read books

no television (yet)

no video games (yet)

no smart phones (yet)

the population was still curious about the world

so what did they read?

Norman Mailer

The Naked and the Dead

World War II

South Pacific

Anopopei (fictional island)

Americans killing Japanese and Japanese killing Americans

Japanese soldier shot while smoking (eyes closed)

homosexual feelings (between soldiers)

men die and are sent back home

those who survive talk about the future

after all is said and done

the military industrial complex goes on

number one best seller

later a hit movie


Aldo Ray and Barbara Nichols

Cliff Robertson


still relevant

same old story

nothing learned from past mistakes