#MeFirst movement

California sun streaks  through eucalyptus trees as a few early risers munch on French pastries, drink hot coffee and make gentle conversation at Hollywood’s Farmers Market at The Grove. Smells of dough nuts frying mix with fresh burgers grilling and somewhere someone is slicing onions. Famous faces smile and lie to each other about how good they both look. A small elderly lady sports a #MeToo ball cap while shopping among mounds of oranges, mangoes and Chinese spices.

grove fm at night

The #MeToo movement was born after the discovery of Harvey Weinstein’s worst-kept secret that led him to being expelled from his high perch along with dozens like him, and to live in infamous and a very deserving exile. One has to wonder why he was the fat straw that crushed the camel of tolerance? Why not Bill Cosby? Probably because the sixty plus women he raped were not famous. This new movement ladies march to is righting a multitude of wrongs while the current occupant of the White House seems immune from any such penalty.

In the past twenty years a heightened sensitivity has evolved toward the treatment of women, the mentally ill, homelessness, immigrants, gays and transgender folks, sexual behavior in general, fat shamming, bullying in many forms, race relations and certain foods such as gluten and carbs. One would think the human race is evolving into a better society and bounding toward an inevitable utopia.

It is not.

Another illness has evolved rapidly along with the wonderful progress in this world. I call it the #MeFirst movement. A great number of all age groups have come to see themselves as an impatient and irritable sovereign whose main purpose has become to never willingly wait for anything.

No matter how long or short the lines are to check out of Ralph’s or CVS, a so-called human loosely holding the leash to his service pit bull balancing his handful of items will see the line, and voice disgust at those inconsiderate bastards who conspired to waste his royal time by making him wait in line. He and Fido will frog march to the head of the line glaring at anyone, including the cashier and the eighty year old in the wheel chair to challenge his God-given right to be first. As he  slowly pays for the items and the dog relieves itself, his flesh quivers from the drunken power over the rest of us. He wins again.

Last week I drove to the post office to check my mail and lo and behold stood an affluent man in the middle of the street taking pictures (of what I never understood). As he blocked my way, I beeped (gently) and wow. The man began his Game of Thrones “the Hound” impersonation howling a tapestry of profanity I haven’t heard since I was at the doctor’s office.

Animals behave much better than this. This morning’s news showed a man demanding to board his “service peacock” on a 747 at the airport. They said “no”. This attitude “I can do what ever I want” is unsustainable. 

“and to make it your ambition to lead a quiet life: you should mind your own business, and work with your hands, just as we told you, so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders, and so you will not be dependent of anybody.” I Thessalonians 4″11-12

It makes me melancholy to have to leave The Grove. It seems so peaceful yet energetic. Maybe it’s all this wonderful food. Last week I blamed the LA Weekly for the California Colds. I decided to break by boycott and pick up a copy. Next week, I will tell you what I found.


Dharma Angels- “Villa Franklin”

My latest book of poems is called “Dharma Angels” and is available on Amazon. Here is one of the poems.


Villa Franklin


sunlight streaks through the green leaves

as limbs sway under the breath of a breeze

under a blue umbrella the coffee cup shakes

from the traffic breaking through the village

an 80 year old George Carlin look a like hobbles

across the danger in his suit ball cap and cane

young women push a stroller and complain 

“and now I can’t go to a party any more?”

red birds chirp furiously at the closed windows

at the theater wanting either tickets or the stage

Bourgeois pig runners sweat and chat into a 

wire hooked up their ears and ignore the cars

tail washers gawk at a smiling Batman as

ghosts of Carlotta whisper “good morning”

the villa sleeps and then awakens to wait in line 

at La Poubelle “please wait to be seated”

the shops open and close as the villa slowly dies

and becomes another King’s paradise

but the villa ghosts prophesy the Rubicon 

has already been crossed and then sold

but artists still come and see the not yet 

dead museum that gave birth to so

much of yesterday that was good

the feast goes on and the smells still delight

and tickle the spine in places not ever touched

movies, books, music, and the sun goes

down and the villa’s heart still beats


Dharma Angels is available for sale on Amazon as well as John K Bucher’s other many books



Reading From California Beat Poetry



Page 103 Puzzles And Circles


Hollywood and Wilcox trying to understand

Dark clouds and tour buses raining their brand

Siamese twins barking like seals for a dollar

Wrinkled old man down in the squalor

Sirens go by as hustlers sling dirty words

Hollywood’s a poem crazy and absurd

Up and down the street blows a golden peace

Up and down the hills roams the filthy beast

Sidewalk cafe changing her name

Fingers on the keyboard playing the game

Puzzles and circles brand new paint

Cops on horseback worshiping a saint

Puzzles and circles Hollywood fear

Tourists with money wasted on beer

Puzzles and circles sun going down

DJ’s spinning the same old sound


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Reading From California Beat Poetry


Page 127 Andy Dick

andy dick

Just Josh and me

rather Josh and I

yearned for a beer

and that’s all

to talk

of things





The Pig and Whistle

didn’t mind

One half beer later

Andy and friend strolled by

Josh knew what to do

My head spun twice

Andy took the stool next to mine

Long lost brother

although the prodigal

He took the liberty of visiting

our souls

By the 2nd round

we were all

pals, comrades, confidants

patrons, backers, self-creators

We told stories

sang songs

we laughed

leaving, I apologized

Josh carried on

Andy was happy


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Reading From California Beat Poetry



Page 131 Boulevard Marine Layer Cake




Cold and heavy

gray wet loneliness

blankets the low sky

silver buffalo herds of ocean magic

spread their dull ghost hooves

across a willing sky

The boulevard’s cake bakes in a

chilly oven:

spoon sauce candy

ancient thought squares

marble top misery

short skirt misery

disappearing autos

yellow fog eyes

green man (and bicycle)

pizza window glow

street sweeper howl

keys locks of hope

tiny ball of sunshine


little darling, little darling

too late, too late

the cake is all gone



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Reading From California Beat Poetry


Block Five 6685 Myrna Loy – Page 47



Silent movies


Nora Charles

The Thin Man

Helena Montana


Ocean Park


High School

Rudolph Valentino


Warner Brothers



A Texas Moon


Jazz Singer

John Dillenger’s


Highest Paid



Hornblow Jr


Hertz Jr


Markey, producer


H Sargent

No Children

Of Her Own

Spencer Tracy

Leslie Howard

Titanic Thompson


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Reading From California Beat Poetry



Page 57    Block Nine 6427 Gabby Hayes

Happy trails to you Gabby!

The Movie star cowboy

Sidekick to Roy Rogers

Gene Autry

Wild Bill Elliott

John Wayne

Randolph Scott

North Hollywood Apartments


National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

Blazing Saddles

Happy trails to you Gabby!


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Building The Oscars 2015 ….new pictures

I get excited this time of year. It’s the week before the Oscars. Since I live just 2 blocks from where this takes place, I have taken pictures of the construction the last several years, and put them on Facebook. I decided to share them on this blog instead for 2015. I am always fascinated how it takes a week to assemble this event and how the finished product looks. Last night they shut down Hollywood and Highland and began the work. I took these pictures this morning as the work has begun. I will take more as the week progresses. and update the blog. Each year security gets tighter and some of the vantage points I used to be able to shoot from are now blocked. In case you missed it, I have included the nominees at the end of this post. Come along with me and enjoy!















CIMG5553 CIMG5555

CIMG5556 CIMG5563 CIMG5561

CIMG5566 CIMG5567 CIMG5568 CIMG5569

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