Golden School

Early Denison life brings school yard memories so full and real

Waxed wooden floors and shelves full of old books and maps

Hot Septembers and lunches that tasted good and made me sleepy

Winters that snowed and playing outside in grass stained pants

Hearing JFK was shot and going home to watch black and white news

Staying in the same class all day for a single year but learning

Fears and insecurities about the unknown before Patsy’s first kiss

Segregation was the golden rule and it finally ended (thank God)

It was so old and long ago I wonder if any era will ever be like that

With ill fitting clothes and bad haircuts- very bad

Talking about Slam Bang Theater on TV that morning

And riding a bicycle that was never locked or stolen

Knowing if you said bad words you would get into trouble

Realizing I was better at books that football and feeling let down

Making friends that are still friends and that is the golden rule

Page 85-86 California Beat Poetry Number Four Dharma Angels by John K Bucher

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Early Morning Songs

After a hard midnight hour

And all the dreams were an ugly sour

The darkness spreads inky black

Mind games spun the liquor and Prozac

A song rolls down a cobweb trail

Guitars and melody voices so frail

High notes drum a heartbeat spike

Songs to greet a heady gold strike

Early morning songs follow a path

Soaking warm like a hot steam bath

Music dance love never lands wrong

Whistling sidewalk work early morning song

Page 37 – California Beat Poetry Number Four – Dharma Angels by John K Bucher

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Writers, criminals, dharma bums, poets and lovers have always found comfort in the low down motels in the less desirable parts of cities- No lease to sign or credit to check, the brown skinned man behind the glass only wants cash and gives you a key to a hot shower and a bed – Television and heat! Away from the cold wind! Summer breezes float through the windows as do the moans from the next room over as you open a can of Spam and one more beer from the paper sack- Weeks go by and you learn some of the names who come and go with the wind and wonder how much longer with life be just these four walls? HBO and clean towels! Mini fridge full of beer!

Months march toward fall and the mirror tells your age and shaving becomes an option as does everything but a simple routine called life – motel life

Winter is gray and the windows rattle while you pack your battered boxes of stuff and get ready to move one more time as that old road calls- “Come back soon” the room calls and you do, again and again.

Page 21- 22 in California Beat Poetry Number Four Dharma Angels by John K Bucher

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Dharma Angels

Sideshow Media Group has just released my latest work of poetry- DHARMA ANGELS


It is for sale on Amazon and I want to give you an idea what this book contains and what you could expect. 

“There is no single word in Western language for “dharma” and certainly not “dharma angels”, so I studied them all and came up with my own definintion: human behaviors, principles, or things that seem necessary for the order of nature, living creatures, religious beliefs, family structures, and music on an individual level to go forward. Without such things we shall all surely perish.”  – John K Bucher

The third book entitled “California Beat Poetry”, the poems highlight some of the people, places, things and ideas that fascinate me. I decided to ignore the weeds around me and pick the flowers I saw and now share them with you in this collection. Over the next few weeks I will share some of them on this blog. As personal appearance dates become firm I will post these as well. In those I do a live read of many of the poems and will autograph copies sold there. 

I dedicated this book to my mother.

“This little book of poems is dedicated to the memory of my mother-Muriel Joyce Bucher (1930-2016). She is one of those missing dharma angels who is not still among us yet is still very much loved.”