Saddle Tramps


big mountain and one eyed harvey lit out in the early dawn

the law nearly clipped them in card game “come on”

the horses were sore and harvey was still sick

heading for denver and streets of red brick

avoiding the hell of dead head mines

and cold winds blowing high in the cold

“denver’s sweet apple, soft at the core”

whispered big mountain as harvey did snore

the tramps lay sleeping as the posse came a calling

mountain got away but harvey fell and kept falling

somewhere in old denver, mountain’s the chief

and harvey was hanging, an old saddle thief



Weeping Palms


dirty and lonely, cold from the night

my soul is empty, consumed by fright

clouds carrying water, drifts through the trees

hungry and tired, no one to please

pushing on to the rail car, feeling a jolt

gravity and dead air, a sad revolt

ten and twenty, almost home

beach water is angry, a green gray foam

up in the palms the birds all sing

wet and quivering, drooping their wings

years of the past, haunt my old brain

so many tears, drives me insane

wishing for soup, a bowl and a spoon

inside the wooden car, so much room

palms are so wet, swaying in the dark

tomorrow is never, today is all dark



Moon Walking On The Boulevard


yellow tables/orange chairs

spiked hair/lonely eyes

heart break/milk shakes

cars go by/as I sigh

home sick/ice cream lick

brakes squeal/pigeons kneel

red room/rest room

elderly bitch shoots the finger

shout pout/elephant snout

potty mouth/heading south

rappers stare/music blares

back itch/lost a stitch

laid bare/high chair

why should I care?

ugly face/spraying mace

crosby stills/smoking kills

observing shoes/damn these blues

boulevard lie/barnyard shy

perfect day of blue sky beer

coffee cold/beat up soul

walking dog/talking frog

broken laces/cowboy aces

going home/rolling stone


Bohemian Sunday School


burned out junkies, str8s and 8s

come come together

coffee shop hash bar Sunday morning all together

(or whatever you want to call it)

here comes the poet the prophet

hippies gather round

the poet sits he does not stand

brushing ashes from his great gray beard

love love share share think think give give

feed the poor

love God

love each other

peace not war

sing songs

laugh and cry

oh please listen and forbid any posturing at all until the lesson’s over

burned out preachers mumbly peg pretenders

sashaying sweet hearts heartless whores

family fandangos cute little cuddlers

farting fat asses long haired lunatics

guitar strumming noodlers God hating policemen

green grocer goblins familiar familial farmers

star shooting sisters and you

listen all

now go!


Ken Andersen Is Innocent


This blog tells the story of how Kenneth Andersen was wrongfully convicted of the tragic murder of Chad Swedberg in White Earth, Minnesota. It contains police reports, police recordings, witness statements, and legal briefs that give in great detail how this came to be.

Currently, Mr. Andersen has an appeal before the State Supreme Court and is waiting a decision. One of the most difficult chores in telling this true story has been getting people to talk. Jurors and members on the community shun any publicity in fear of retaliation from authorities. Thank God for the brave souls who have come forward and shone a light on the truth of this awful crime. Ken and his family have asked me to offer a reward for information.

Starting today, Ken and his family guarantee a $5000 cash reward to anyone who comes forward and gives information that leads to Ken’s conviction…

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Tutti Fruiti Jazz Notes


down the stairs down the steps

go even lower into the crowd

bang! there it is…waiting, proud, not a frown

the music, the soul, what you came for

then in flash onto another number

Club Here (the sign says) -so you do

loud band jazz beat, warm beer, perfume and sweat

dance floor shakes, jolts the clattery spider out there twisting slow

in the wash room you wash your face and look in the mirror

and ask your self “God, where has the time went?”

leaving Club Here with thoughts of the night

and the coming early dawn


Day Dreams


chain link smokers

hedge hog brokers

Jimmy leg glasses

disillusioned masses

rain gutter dust storms

idea droplets still born

lost pie fork nose

cactus summer water hose

alas! alas! alas!

open door closed club

hard candy sour rub

green gray swamp bat

old lovers heart hats

micro waves purple waves blonde hair iron teeth monster ballon

theater crash open road day dreams slim pickings half moon