Cowboys and Witches by John K Bucher

I wrote this book, or I guess parts of it from 2006-2008. It was published in 2010. The short story was a continuation of one of the characters in my first novel – The Suicide Cowboys. It was during this period I moved from Denver to Ft Collins and about once a week, my son Josh and I would drive up into the mountains to Estes Park and spend the day. We would park in town and walk up a nature trail past pools of trout and grazing elk to the the Stanley Hotel. The old hotel was where Stephen King got the story for The Shinning. We would have a drink at the bar and talk to the employees about their own supernatural experiences while they were on duty. Later we would retreat down the trail again and eat lunch at Lonigans Saloon, and Irish pub. I would go home with a car full of ideas and stories. This book holds some of them.

Just Me and the Night

Go away loneliness I want to drink Vodka

perverse drunken logic beckons me to the party

walk straight damn it the cops are watching I think

oh my God why, such a waste of the moment,

just then I girl asks me “what am I doing?”

we walk and she takes me someplace as sparks shoot from

her ass while she lies to me, what a performance!

4 am and I am at a 7-11 buying milk as a vast array of people lie

sleeping in old brick apartments. I hear a scream,

“Don’t call the cops!” I trudge home behind a black cat and let

myself in. Lying down I feel the rhythm of the night and wait

for the sleep fairies to close the gate of my mind.

Evening Street Lights

Walking along the busy sidewalks of the life soaked day

Autumn winds catches my collar and thumps my thoughts

My eyes go up to the third floor window and no lights shine

Loneliness shakes me


I walk all this way and she is not home- Darker now

I shuffle around and go

To a corner bar and sit down

Blonde whore


She wants a drink

I buy her one

Now what?

Her tale of woe, God

I pay

Walk out the door

Still no light

Where is she?

Cold, I stumble

What now?

The dull yellow street lights

They mock me and tell me to go home

I go as the street lights keep watch

On the third floor window

These and many more poems and stories are in Cowboys and Witches. This and all my books at K Bucher

Keep On Writing

on writing

In Stephen King’s “On Writing”, he reveals the rules of the trade in very simple terms. In order to say you are a writer, you must write, something, anything, everything, nothing. That’s it. I meet folks who say they are a writer. I ask them what they have written today? Yesterday? This week? This month. The answer is usually the same. They say they have some ideas but have not had time yet to write them down. I wrote 3 novels while working a 45 hour per week job. Most working writers I know have a quota per day in either words or pages and will not go to bed until that is accomplished. You will never get a clear idea of where your story is going unless you keep writing. Turn off the television, I Phone, internet, etc. for just a while. Get a blank notebook and a pen. Write something down everyday. That’s it. Your story will unfold. Will you get published? I don’t know…..maybe. I continue to write and some of what I pen and work hard with and finish gets published. I have been writing screenplays the last few years but still write a book now and then. Keep writing!

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