So…what’s it about?

David and I settled on ten stories that were our most memorable of growing up in Tom Hancock’s shadow. Here is a recap of what’s inside this book called “Remembering Poppa”.

Story One – This is our experience as children helping Poppa construct a concrete porch (David, age 7, was in charge of ordering the concrete). It did not turn out well.

Story Two – Virgie’s Grave is about our trip to eastern Oklahoma to find the grave of a long lost aunt.

Story Three – Poppa tellls us about meeting Geronimo and Frank James.

Story Four – The Doctor’s Office is David’s early memory of how our grandfather handled public racism in the 1960’s.

Story Five – This story is our favorite and is simply titled “The Mule”.

Story Six – James Westbrook was Poppa’s neighbor who rode with the Texas Rangers. Story Four also tells of the year we ate tons of sweet potatoes.

Story Seven – This story weaves our many Oklahoma reunion memories with David’s earliest memory in life- helping Poppa look for a lost dog.

Story Eight – Zephyrinus Salinas was a bandit who rode with Poncho Villa who came to live and work on Poppa’s farm.

Story Nine – This recalls everyday life in the “Cotton Mill District” and Poppa raising honey bees.

Story Ten – Murder in Mayberry contrasts the idyllic youth at 901 West DuBois with real tragedy in our neighborhood.

“Remebering Poppa” is now available on Amazon:

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