Rain On Porch

Grey clouds swollen with drops

surround a cabin deep in the woods

sitting on a

stool with coffee

he looks at as a gentle rain moves in

trying hard to forget a broken past

he raises his head and sees the lightning

cold air fills the porch

and then a chill

he goes inside to build a small fire

panes of glass the sky darkens

on the pines water pours and trickles

he sighs and thinks of his life

A banjo plays in his mind and lifts

his soul and washes away the pain

like the rain that is pouring from the sky

the orchestra beats upward and soothes

He goes back to the porch

and watches

the evening sun returning to its home

one of his dogs

raises his head and speaks

night comes very easy now and bathes him

The rain beats heavy now on the roof

from his view a transformation forms

a new determination to look forward

and never look back again

page 152-153 Cowboys and Witches by John K Bucher


  1. cheriewhite · October 17

    Beautiful poem! Relaxing! Rain helps me sleep like a baby!


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