Golden School

Early Denison life brings school yard memories so full and real

Waxed wooden floors and shelves full of old books and maps

Hot Septembers and lunches that tasted good and made me sleepy

Winters that snowed and playing outside in grass stained pants

Hearing JFK was shot and going home to watch black and white news

Staying in the same class all day for a single year but learning

Fears and insecurities about the unknown before Patsy’s first kiss

Segregation was the golden rule and it finally ended (thank God)

It was so old and long ago I wonder if any era will ever be like that

With ill fitting clothes and bad haircuts- very bad

Talking about Slam Bang Theater on TV that morning

And riding a bicycle that was never locked or stolen

Knowing if you said bad words you would get into trouble

Realizing I was better at books that football and feeling let down

Making friends that are still friends and that is the golden rule

Page 85-86 California Beat Poetry Number Four Dharma Angels by John K Bucher

Is available now on Amazon :

One comment

  1. Roland Umphrey · October 1

    John, you are telling my story. Great job.

    Liked by 2 people

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