The Frolic Room Prophet

Page 22 – Ambrose Everwinter was greeted by an old man in uniform when he walked up to the gate at Columbia Pictures. The man just motioned for him to follow and walk down the sidewalk toward several sound stages. As they passed one working on a night shoot, Ambrose saw a fake mountain with a giant fan blowing thousands of pieces of paper to resemble snow toward some freezing climbers. Larry, Curly and Moe. The director yelled “cut” as Moses Harry Horowitz was walking fast toward him waving his hands. Evidently, Moe Howard was not pleased with the way the scene was going. Ambrose followed the guard up a flight of steel stairs to a small private office. The guard knocked, heard something, then opened the door for the detective, turned and left. Ambrose went in the office to see Dewey La Londe on the phone behind a mahogany desk smoking a Cuban cigar with his tie loosened and sleeves rolled up. Dewey saw Ambrose, grunted something, and hung up the phone. He motioned for Ambrose to sit as he poured two glasses half full of imported Scotch. The men sipped in silence until Dewey found his voice.

“You have to help find her.”

“Tell me the whole story.”

The Everwinter Files by John K Bucher Sr. is now available on Amazon.

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