An Inside Look…

Upon my third return to college I was introduced to Arthur Conan Doyle and his wonderful stories of Sherlock Holmes. Nothing prepared me for the lifelong love affair I would carry from that first reading. I would get lost in London circa 1890’s and beyond. To me, Holmes, Watson, Professor Moriarty, and company were real unlike most of the reality that surrounded me.

Since becoming a writer, I have fantasized about creating my own detective. The Everwinter Files came born out of that desire. Number 308 – The Frolic Room Prophet is the first offering in what I plan to be an entire series. I wish to that my three sons for their support and encouragement: John Jr., Matt, and Josh. I also want to thank my girlfriend, Edina Rush. On our last camping trip to the beach last fall, she insisted I bring the first chapters and read it aloud to her around the fire at night. I was troubled with the story at that point and this trip crystalized the whole story.

It begins as …..

Evening traffic at Sunset and La Brea whooshed by as occasional horns honked and engines revved at red lights. The parking lot at Carolina Pines Jr. had filled up and Ambrose Everwinter found one of last spots and came to a stop. H e favored the 24-hour southern cooking at this location more than the original because of the staff. The “Jr.” was a square box and stone corners. It was so well lit you could pick it out from any of the Hollywood balconies all the way up to Mulholland. Ambrose got out and admired his new 1955 Packard Clipper Touring Sedan washed in pale blue with white accents. Even though it was only April, 1955 had already been a good year, he thought. He straightened his tie and fedora in the sedan’s side mirror and made his way to the front glass doors. The smell of strong coffee and fried chicken was well distributed by the fans placed to keep it cool. He found an open stool and removed his hat.

The Frolic Room Prophet by John K. Bucher Sr. is now available on Amazon. Click below to get yours!

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