11 NEW DEVILS – page 47 – 49 ON THE BEACH

Woke up this morning and walked down to the sea

My troubles were many and I know when I return

They would be gone

But today was different with a new kind of pain

Today the visions were cloudy and broken into

Many bits dark and sharp

11 new devils clung to me now as I got close

11 new devils stabbed me in places tender and sore

I stopped and I staggered

The sea, the sea has always been the place

The place, the place I could set free and find peace

But now these devils were here

Why 11? Why not 10 or 11?

Why so many? Where do I run?

Then a voice cried far from the shore

A voice without words, without sounds

My ears heard and I obeyed

I walked into the cold salty foam

Farther and farther until the water

Covered my head

I went under and felt them go

They drowned and howled, they died

I found myself lying on the beach

A beer in my hand and the sun shinning

On my face

This poem and many more are in the Sideshow Book series “ON THE Beach is available on

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