The first of the first…cold and forbidding

resolutions a plenty – mostly just kidding

afternoons in deep thought…another year already

wary of the prospects ….shadows make the path unsteady

blood in my veins ….teeth in my head

love the winter…especially the bed

sail boats at dawn….seals in the surf

exposing the myths…some from our birth

hard hearts seek joy…but find none anywhere

judgemental pricks…eaten by grizzly bears

cold as the winters…memories of stone

dead in the life….down to the bone

humanity suffers….generosity dies

hard hearted beings….used to telling lies

and…and…and whispers of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s ghost decoded bewtween gulps of Scotch whiskey

rumors of more wretched war never learning “thou shalt not kill” because politically its too risky

give peace a chance or at least shut the fuck up for a while and read a book and go for a walk and see what God hath wrought

tears at Christmas from a man who knows gratitude and who he is in this world and seeks what most of us have never sought

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