Baker Street Boys

Baker Street Boys

Some days …I awaken to still being

a Baker Street boy

A Texas fog of childhood


Old run-down house …slowly remodeled

basement shared with brother David

Tree house construction – injuries

paper route days

Rock and roll came to town

Dallas concert

Shot guns by the railroad tracks

black bass dinners

Cousins next door…funny fence stories


Growing pains…Daniel’s asthma pump

James playing under the Christmas tree

Transformative time in our childhood…personalities

….likes and dislikes…longing again for Amsden

Mrs. Cook’s History class and trips to Colorado

Funerals to remember and riding the bus

Bicycle Saturdays at the Rialto…six Pepsi caps

Mowing grass at Tanglewood…one dollar per hour

Fifty hours a week…chiggers all over…sulfur tablets

Hot summers and cold winters…sleet

Leaning to drive…drivers’ ed…license

Thinking and planning…dreams

Memories of Baker Street …boys

page 95 – 96 Old Photographs and Wild Dreams

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  1. Roland Umphrey · July 14, 2019

    John, great reminisce. I will never forget having Leo as a coach for the Dodgers. The RR tracks could surely give one many hours of entertainment, if nothing more than just taking a stroll. We were aware of the dangers of the tracks but at the time we did not realize just how dangerous it could be & very elated that we never found out. I remember James having his accident but fortunately it was not any more severe. Thanks Brother John for another good tale & God Bless.


    • johnkbucher · July 14, 2019

      Thanks again Roland for reading and commenting. This poem only resonates highly with someone who grew up in the Cotton Mill district and shared there simple pleasures and pains. I forgot Dad coached you and that brought back memories. When he agreed to coach I was given the choice by the league to join his team or stay on the team I was on. I chose to stay and the first game we had playing your team I saw how fast the pitcher was and how good the team looked on the field, my heart sank. I had made the wrong decision. Your team beat the crap out of us and went on to win big for the season. Thanks again my friend.


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