The Car Wreck #4


Virgil Cherry only got the highlights about Butch Teeterman and his escapades the day Uncle Jimmy was unraveling this story. Later on he learned about the details of the Teeterman’s unhappiness and what led to that fateful day. It was about the time he also heard more about Donna Jean Ramsey.

Donna Jean Ramsey was a model hometown girl. She made C’s in school, never questioned authority, made the cheerleading squad, and married the first guy who asked her. She loved the town and defended it when a relative or someone passing through let their thoughts be known, calling it a “shit town” or “the capital of bum fuck Egypt”. Donna went to work for the telephone company and made good money. However, sometime life doesn’t love you back.

She found out why she wasn’t getting pregnant very soon. It was her. She was barren and there was nothing could be done. Her husband changed over night when he got the news. A month later, when Donna Jean got off work, he was gone. He had packed half the household goods into his pickup and left her a note, saying he was California bound never coming back. The house was in her name, because she had the necessary down payment and credit, so that was that. For the first time in her life she began to question things.

She sought promotions at the phone company and excelled within its structure. Donna Jean built a new house and started driving the latest Cadillacs. She took up golf and joined the local country club. She was the epitome of success, especially for a female in this era. But material things only go so deep, they can’t love you back. She dated a few men but since she out earned them, they were insecure and boorish. One Saturday, she was having brunch alone at the country club, when Allison Porter, one of golf instructors, asked to join her. They talked golf and how Donna Jean wanted so much to improve. Allison invited her to join a golf group of business women who played every Sunday. Donna not only got better at her game, but made fast friends with the other players, especially Allison. She and Allison started a habit of staying after the game and having wine in the clubhouse or catching a late movie.

After a few weeks, Allison made a pass at her.

Donna Jean Ramsey forsook all her small town rules and blossomed into a closeted lesbian. Discretion became mandatory for this relationship to have a chance. Motels in neighboring towns were used for trysts, and big city trips were frequent. The pair dreamed of living out in the open, but knew the cost of their jobs and all things essential to life in a small town. They both resigned themselves to a quiet life of occasional sex and dinners together.

The day that Butch Teeterman walked into the Holiday Inn to meet his lover, the school teacher, Donna Jean Ramsey was busy at her desk at the telephone office.

The conclusion will post on Friday, August 24.

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