The Car Wreck #3


Teeterman Plumbing by then consisted of seven trucks, an office, and twenty three employees. Butch had several commercial construction jobs going at the same time as well as being the one to call when something leaked, burst or wouldn’t drain.

Butch’s success didn’t include his marriage. On the surface it did. He married a gorgeous red head whose father was in the diamond business and traded stocks. Her family was dismayed this low life plumber seduced and charmed their lovely daughter, and never missed a chance to mention the fact. They were red faced embarrassed that her husband’s money came from unstopping toilets, and his knees knelt on piss stained floors. When Butch became the area’s leading plumbing contractor and he built a three story home on sixty acres, her family shrugged it off as they praised the bankers and lawyers in their circle. Butch Teeterman would never get their respect even with a law degree and bank ownership. His wife eventually succumbed to her family and lost all interest in her husband.

Butch began to drink. He would think of how his life was forced on him by a bitch aunt that, when she remarried, she left town with out a word of gratitude. He turned lemons into lemonade. Septic tanks full! Butch gradually lost interest in his business and began to chase women. He stayed out late and bought dozens of rounds at local watering holes. Many times he ended up screwing in the back seat of his car and not remembering who she was, or what she looked like. Butch Teeterman’s wife took notice and inspite of her coldness toward him, became angry about the cheating. People started talking.

Mrs. Butch had loved him at first, but the attraction subsided in the current of her family’s hatred of him. She thought her feelings would triumph; she could bend the family’s will into respecting her dirty, blue collar lover. She found out how strong the ties of blood can be. She went through phases where she began to just ignore Butch and thought that would please her mother and father. All that accomplished was to hurt her husband’s already bruised feelings and esteem. She rejected him sexually for months. In return, Butch stayed out late and came home with smells of beer and perfume that wasn’t hers. Mrs. Butch became lost in this swamp of life and only felt anger. All the time.

Mrs. Teeterman followed her husband to late night trysts in bars and cheap motels. Her anger grew into seeking revenge. Butch Teeterman was deep in affair with his wife’s childhood friend, an elementary school teacher.

The day of the car wreck, Butch was walking into the Holiday Inn to meet the school teacher for an afternoon of illicit fun. Mr. Accuff called it sin later.

The next installment will be on Wednesday, August 22.

Thanks to all of you readers! I thank all of you but especially want to thank those from India, as your numbers are over the top. Thank you India!


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  1. Roland Umphrey · August 20, 2018

    John, really enjoying your stories. Keep up the great work & you are truly entertaining us.

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