Apples, blueberries and other things



It was a while back when I walked down the well lit aisles of Trader Joes

a beautiful display of fruit along with a handwritten sign in colored pencils

that got me to thinking about things, I don’t know why

but when I was a child and my grandmother stayed bent over

for hours weeding in her garden on cool Texas spring mornings

the smell of the earth, so pungent and powerful, so real

that smell…the memories it birthed

I drove by there not long ago…real slow and surreal

the lot was overgrown with weeds and assorted unnamed greenery

the earth was still there and had been laden with wooden forms

for a new foundation to be poured later

But the memories remain deeply embedded in my brain

Changing oil in the ditch…not caring where the oil went

it’s probably still there

High School days took over the folds in my brain

adulthood and beyond

What day is it now?

Oh yeah

Shopping for fruit…I remember

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