The Canticle of Jack Kerouac by Lawrence Ferlinghetti #7, #8, #9


In the dark of the fellaheen night

in the light of the illuminated

Stations of the Cross

and the illuminated Grotto

down behind the Funeral Home

by roar of river

where now Ti-Jean alone

(returned to Lowell

in one more doomed

Wolfian attempt

to Go Home Again)

gropes past the Twelve Stations of the Cross

reciting aloud the French inscriptions

in jis Joual accent

which makes the plaster French Christ

laugh and cry

as He hefts His huge Cross

up the Eternal Hill

And very real tear drops

in the Grotto

from the face

of the stoned Virgin



Light upon light

the mountain

keeps still



Hands over ears

He steals away


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