Blue Numbers


prices prices money the dollar

you need cash just to call her

devoid of soul and stand in line

punch the clock and make the wine

the rich the rich all that matters

the one percent make us scatter

digital lives in a money machine

ATMs count the beans

one to ten the survey demands

the wild frontier has been canned

horseback memories burned at the stake

worked to death to get the cake

blubbering minds sugary sweet

following rules or get beat

calendar days year after year

see the rich man drinking your beer

bank accounts numbered for you

fill them up till they turn blue

money money prices higher

shed our names to become the buyer

prices prices money the dollar

frozen hands tighten the collar

social security numbers all

workers toil to build that wall

blues and yellows red and green

milk the cow to sell the cream

days and lives valued with a number

cold of winter ate the summer



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