Tomb of the Unknown


In the future, maybe twenty or thirty years from now, a school bus will stop and unload at a monument park from the past. A tour guide will lecture them as they walk in single file. The guide will recall the colorful past stories of each monument and provide an interactive lesson. The students will ask questions to clear up any myths or misconceptions of what they might have heard. Near the tour’s end one of the students will point and ask “What it that little old monument over there?”

The tour guide will lead them over to it and explain.

“This is a tomb. Anyone know what a tomb is?”

“A grave of sorts.” One student will offer.


“But whose?”

“This is the tomb of the unknown caller.”

“What’s that?”

“A long time ago when we still used devices to communicate and they became portable, we started getting contacts from strangers we didn’t know or want to talk with.”

“I’ve heard of them. They were called phones.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“But why were doing that? It seems so weird.”

“They were selling things.”

“On these devices?”

“Every day. Most people hated them and tried to stop them. They passed laws and for a while they slowed down. Then they were doing this several times a day. A few years went by and they took over the phones. Day and night, they never quit calling. Finally one day they were outlawed totally but they kept doing it. A militia was formed and they were hunted down and killed. It took years but finally they were all wiped out. This was the last one found.”

“Do they have a name?

No, they had their name stripped away and are just known as the ‘Unknown Caller.’


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  1. Roland Umphrey · July 1, 2018

    A story from the future ??

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