Train to Limerick


Twas a foggy morn when I climbed on board

fresh from a game and looking like a Lord

took a  tight seat and a quick look around

we was a moving slow and making heavy sounds

a stook was up and heading for the jacks

across the green fields, men were breaking their backs

I settled in good as we crossed Henry’s bog

the stook came back, crazy as a box of frogs

prancing and mouthing acting like a ponce

he seemed to be trying for a stinking response

I decided to ignore him and fell into a dream

of the night before, men were full of steam

Clancy made the bets and I fell in too deep

the room was crowded, just off a side street

as midnight came,  we marched on past three

the pounds were piling high, the gamblers looked at me

holding all the aces someone pulled out a knife

grabbing the table’s money before they took my life

I think I got away, in a faded old dream

or did they follow planning a deadly Irish scheme?

my eyes cracked open, the conductor was standing there

my window was open blowing fresh Irish air

said there’s a man on board and he’s a wanting me

arriving in a station surrounded by some trees

before he knew it, I was running down the  bricks

and that’s the last I saw of that train to Limerick




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