where are they?

the young men who will save us from the old men who bask in air conditioned offices deciding the fate of us all?

where in God’s name have God’s followers gone?

where are the poets, the wanderers, the shame of depraved indifference, the songsters who can make us dance again?


where are they?

where did the ones go who can stop this greed, this madness whose only desire is to place us all in a plantation harness until we die? where are they? the ones who care about more than themselves?

where o where are the street shouters, the lovers of peace instead of bullets? where are the brilliant minds, those painters of awe, those writers who can deposit that delicate dew on our souls?

where are those who can dry our tears and comfort our tired feet? where are those who can save our planet not sell her?


where are those who are strong enough to demand justice and hope? where are those who can stop the oil whore and the image pimps?

where have they all gone?


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