Jitterbug Opus


way back in time when even Ginsberg wore a suit and tie and hot red blooded boys and girls shook and did a jitterbug waltz and understood the music they moved to

rock around the clock drove a hard pounding rhythm and even before that the jitterbug was born breaking rules and the gathering clouds rained a generation of change

but flat tops slowly went the way of the dodo bird as long manes were grown in a sea of peace and love as this generation opposed war and discrimination

four beatles rolled stones in a kink sea of hollies, dave’s 5, and dylan’s donovan by writing a script to live lives by and how to seek love

but it was the jitterbug that fired old preachers to condemn all of it proclaiming a divine common sense and this shaking offended God himself

but the old folks just hated it and grew permanent anger when they discovered this would pester them all of the days of their lives and never die

in reality, music was just fun and helped confused and awkward children rid themselves of prejudice and find a voice of exquisite love



One comment

  1. Roland Umphrey · May 30, 2018

    Another good one John. I just noticed & maybe it is just me, you write about history. I really enjoy your work John.


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