Graveyard (orange 2)


It began one night at the Dew Drop Inn when the bar was fast

Midas pulled up to drink right after his regular Scientology class

hiding and guzzling he didn’t see the blue and white come in

Midas just looked up as they grabbed him in his sin

they yanked him out quick and tossed him in a trunk

when screaming did no good he fell into an L Ron funk

later much later the blue and white rang the bell at the old graveyard

a mad dog yelped as they drove past his guard

Midas was forced into a 79 Ford- another trunk another funk

the mad dog trotted over to smell the stink like from a skunk

high above the dirt the orange pie moon smiled a wicked smile

the story keeps going down the row three tenths of a mile…to be continued

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