1948 – Small Town Sam


vacant windows and broken glass

closed stores that will never open again – ever

bull dozers will soon arrive and then a Wal-Mart

Sam walks down Main street whispering to gray ghosts

ghosts in shiny new Buicks

ghosts in wide lapels

ghosts cashing pay checks

Raised on a poor dirt farm but had such

high hopes and dreams

job at the big factory and union dues

down payment on a house

pancakes at the cafe

cards down at the lodge

blue collar dreams

gold watch at the end of the sunset John Wayne movies

one day it all ended

the Sam world gone

factory closed

bank foreclosed

people moved away

grass grew in the cracks of the sidewalks

and all the streets

Sam got old

dreams died

he spends his days remembering

“memory is what I have”

-Hannibal Lector

“back in ’48, that was a good year”

I got laid a lot

I got drunk a lot

I won some fights

I lost some bets

Nightfall creeps slowly like a grim blanket

Sam looks around the small town smallness

“why did I stay?”


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  1. ACountryBoy · May 9, 2018

    Enjoyed this

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