1948 – Perez v. Sharp


hard to believe hard to fathom

California once said “whites only marry whites”

but so did the other back woods cracker states still living

int the Civil War past

California was the first to get rid of this shame

this crazy idea

that the color of your skin you are born with

limits who you can love

Andrea Perez met Sylvester Davis

they worked together in LA

fell in love

applied for a license to get hitched

Sharp said “NO”

Sharp, being a good Christian said you couldn’t

commit this kind of sin

being good Catholics Andrea and Sly didn’t want to live in sin

what to do?

what to do about this horrible sin?

Sin? Why that’s the government’s department!

Let the California Supremes decide

and decide they did

“Let’s marry! Hell, let ’em all marry”

(except homosexuals until lately)


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