Tie Dyed


California morning near the beach embraced with summer sun

festival tents selling the past lives of real freedom laced by hippie fun

leave your office suits and prejudice slowly and embark on a place

where peace and love is respected in a smoky communal space

tee pees and camp fires amidst vans and weavers at their loom

Speakers pipe the Dead as inkers with needles draw skin art in tiny rooms

revolution is alive and the dreams that we can all live and grow old

poems of Morrison are spoken into a sunset by heart of pure gold

tie dyed and beards roll joints and heal the capitalist sick

laying in the clouds as Joni and the ladies with a Grace named Slick

old guitars and dreams that live and never die

I thought saw the drummer that played in Humble Pie

you will want to stay and make some honest friends

who will always be there with you until the every end


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