Ticking Heart


dust off old memories of family trips to the lake shore days

cut offs and flip flops and the will to swim under burning sun rays

unaware of old age and the beating heart glass trickle of a fast moving clock

life stood still on a dirt hammered baseball lot and a home unlocked

newspaper afternoons and sweet soda pop from the low angle of a Schwinn

winters cold and water pipes froze while haircuts buzzed close to the skin

rock and roll was a raw taste of cheap vinyl clear that felt just right

stories of the war from a dim lit three channel black and white

look back oh look back my friend but please not too close

the truth of what happened is a dying ember glow





  1. Deepak Singh · April 24, 2018

    Nice post! Thanks for the visit and follow.


    • johnkbucher · April 24, 2018

      You are very welcome my friend


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