My Uncle’s Jukebox

lamplighter_jukebox (1)

out in the country where the roads turn to dust

old ramshackle households rely on a country trust

hard work and labor was the only thing they knew

a time when summer meant no wearing a shoe

back in my memories of the end of the day

after the meals and the time came to play

my uncle’s house had nary a teevee

not even a black and white you could see

but music came a playing from corner of the room

people would dance and a love began to bloom

his old juke box I can still see it now

lit up and loud, as big as a cow

introduced me to music the western kind of swing

my uncle told me Bob Wills was the KIng

Haggard and Marty Johnny and Hank

gave me more riches than ever a bank

my heart began to beat and the words I learned

El Paso made my heart burn

North to Alaska and Whispering Pines

Hank Williams I new all the lines

He never got rich as far as most would think

but his juke music was all I could drink

I wanted a guitar and a voice that could sing

I wanted the whole thing

If I could go back to a time that could talk

I would spend more time around my uncle’s juke box



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