Sideshow Small Books

Sideshow Media Group offers a series of small books of poetry that is a tribute partially to the Pocket Poets Series that featured Allen Ginsberg’s Howl and a host of others. Lawrence Ferlinghetti launched the series  in 1955 to be sold at his City Light’s Bookstore in San Francisco, and is still inspiring minds all over the planet.


These books are all available on Amazon and you can click on the links below to buy any of them.

Here is one poem featured in “Hollywood Boulevard” :

Block One 6901 Greta Garbo


Dark and mysterious, the beauty of Camille

out of the shadows and onto the reel

Flesh and the devil “I vant to be alone”

her star is silent, her fame has grown

Anna Christie, the Oscar was close

I walked by and heard her ghost

Never again was one so pure

Never again was one so sure

Days of the silents, she broke the hearts

Talking in pictures, Greta departs…


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