I remember Denison…in its hey day


I remember Denison in its hey day,

and the intense excitement on cold Christmas mornings

Golden Rule School days 

and the fresh wax on its old wooden flooring

I remember Denison in its hey day

and waiting for endless Katy trains to pass

Burns Run summers 

and Miss Cook’s history class

I remember Denison in its hey day

when all the factories were running

Dragging Main on Friday nights

     with the chrome engines gunning

I remember Denison in its hey day

when eight tracks and mini skirts came along

My first time with the Beatles

and learning all their songs

I remember Denison in its hey day

when all the stores were open

And the barber shops 

were thronged with joking

I remember Watsons

     and McDaniel Junior High

Saturdays at the Rialto 

and the first time I got high

I remember the Safeway plant

where my daddy used to work

Driving down Armstrong Avenue 

and buying gas that was pumped by the clerk

I remember Sundays

and eating Ashburn’s Ice Cream

Bomb Shelter drills

and long summer dreams

I remember Sid Maples

and trading for my first good guitar

Fishing in the winter

and heading to Dallas when it seemed so very far

I remember Denison in its hey day

and the first time I fell in love

When smaller pants and shoes

fit me like a glove

I remember Denison in its hey day

and longing to be free

Looking backward brings fresh tears

filling the Denison memory sea






  1. Roland Umphrey · October 30, 2017

    John, this is fantastic. It could be a piece that I wrote. It mirrors my life, as I’m sure it does many other folks. I’ve been many places during my life. I ended up back in Denison. I can’t think of or imagine any other place in this world that I had rather grown up. Denison really was a nice, good town back in those days.

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  2. Gary Mosse · November 4, 2017

    Also Denison Herald as a paper route, 6b.
    Waiting for paper distribution with other carriers using paper bag as protection from numerous rubber band fights. Saturday at the 25 cent Rialto with popcorn in my coke. Two years of delivering 90 papers a day, 6 days a week. Marching Band in the Fall on wet, soggy marching field-wet shoes around the band hall. Practicing during Studyhall in the Band hall 3 years.

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    • johnkbucher · November 4, 2017

      Gary, I also had a Denison Herald route. It was 120 houses in the Cotton Mill area for 18 months. The paper cost 40 cents per week and I got 15 cents. I bought my first guitar with my earning. That was a huge education into the the real world for me, especially the collecting door to door.


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