Hoehandle and Featherlegs

Hoehandle : How did you sleep last night?

Featherlegs : Had weird dreams. Like teklacolor night mares.

HH: How so?

FL : Must have been them hot dogs I guess. Some of them had me back in Bible times, Sadam and Gaborrah stuff. End of the world but a long time ago.

HH: What were you doing back then?

FL: Farmer I think. I was a riding on a donkey and dressed like Moses in the Ten Comanderments. Big rocks were falling from the sky and people were going bat shit.  I was running that little donkey as fast as he could trot.

HH : Maybe the judgement of God happening.

FL : Yeah, sure. I remember all kinds of weird sex and lesbodizms everywhere.

HH : Better lay off those hot dogs then.

FL : Already throwed them away.

HH : Of course it may not be in those hot dogs. It could be the Curse of Texas Jack coming again to bite your sorry ass.

FL : Oh shit I forgot. I wish you would have said that before I tossed the dogs. Those were Farmer John’s for Christ sakes. Texas Jack, Jesus that brings back some memories.

HH : Good ones?

FL : Screw you, you old bastard.

The boys stay silent for a while thinking.

FL : There was big rains every day back then. There was what, six or seven us shivering up on that wash back then.

HH: More than that, probably ten. You and him got cross over some bacon, wasn’t it?

FL : Ham. Old Soldier gave me half for giving him some pills.

HH : What kind?

FL : Don’t recall. Jack wanted some but had been hard ass with his grub lately and by God I wasn’t in the fucking mood so I told him “no”.

HH : Burned up your lean to as I recall.

FL : And every God damn thing under it. When the rains came that night I threw all of his shit in the wash. I didn’t mean to hurt him.

HH : It was an accident. His feel got tangled up in the ball of wire he was hoarding.

FL : Well, it was good copper. Water pulled him in and sent him like a shot down stream. Cops drug him out later and he was still alive.

HH : Last words was the curse he put on you.

FL : Hell. That was ten years ago.

HH : I know. You hungry brother?

FL : Yeah


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