Legend of a Gunslinger


Born in the west and forged in steel, his mother named him “Anarchy”

when Anarchy was a child he was sweet and full of wonder

the older folks called him “Arch” and let him play with guns

shooting ranges…bullet holes…squirrels…window panes

as Arch matured and got tall he wanted to be like the cowboys around him

cattle drives…saloons…hats…boots…sad music

Arch loved a girl and came under her sex spell her eyes her hair

she loved Arch…put her old man hated him

no was all he said over and over

Arch lost his girl…his way…became hard

on the inside Arch got black and stayed that way

in a saloon one day he spied a wanted poster

like this one

soon Arch became Anarchy again and became a

bounty hunter

to be continued……..



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