Thought Rain…


radiant colors thickly pouring onto the empty street

ideas so beautiful and warm wetting my feet

sunny side of brick buildings making its way

heads turn and the new season blasting an end today

the old bus station’s full and dirty windows pass by

worn out collar to the sharp breeze as electric memories hasten a sigh

a big cup of coffee, a table, and the puddles of afternoon rain

thoughts from a crazy cave washing over my soul a melodic refrain

lost love and islands of despair residing in  frayed telephone lines

remembering that day, the moment of golden much desired wine

books on a shelf and the window breaks a vision of darker clouds

heart beats so faint drowned out by angry crowds

oh that time when all that is halts and spins

tears now stumble and vault to my chin

a prisoner of old thoughts meant to only hurt

my reflection shows me the same old shirt

going on down the lane when the drops slowly leave

a growing reality of a time that decieved



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