Dharma Angels page 47 Ireland’s 32


Go back in time to a place faraway

whiskey and friends a Guinness buffet

Patrick and Allen pour and serve grand

Monica and Megan watch over the band

Lorenzo and Steve feed all the drinkers

Wee Allen listens to familiar thinkers

Stephen in his corner under the signs

Uncle Bernie sips beer smiles and then shines

Irish descendants come from afar

The pub is home and full is the jar

Toasting and cheering as the fiddles do play

Hard to find a seat on St Patrick’s Day

Leprechauns and Lords green to core

Dancing all night stomping the floor

Come one and never leave buying a round

Ringing the bell Neal heard the sound

Mike is there too offering his thoughts

Bella comes near bringing the shots

Good times for all live and grow old

Look close and find that rare pot of gold




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