Dharma Angels- “Villa Franklin”

My latest book of poems is called “Dharma Angels” and is available on Amazon. Here is one of the poems.


Villa Franklin


sunlight streaks through the green leaves

as limbs sway under the breath of a breeze

under a blue umbrella the coffee cup shakes

from the traffic breaking through the village

an 80 year old George Carlin look a like hobbles

across the danger in his suit ball cap and cane

young women push a stroller and complain 

“and now I can’t go to a party any more?”

red birds chirp furiously at the closed windows

at the theater wanting either tickets or the stage

Bourgeois pig runners sweat and chat into a 

wire hooked up their ears and ignore the cars

tail washers gawk at a smiling Batman as

ghosts of Carlotta whisper “good morning”

the villa sleeps and then awakens to wait in line 

at La Poubelle “please wait to be seated”

the shops open and close as the villa slowly dies

and becomes another King’s paradise

but the villa ghosts prophesy the Rubicon 

has already been crossed and then sold

but artists still come and see the not yet 

dead museum that gave birth to so

much of yesterday that was good

the feast goes on and the smells still delight

and tickle the spine in places not ever touched

movies, books, music, and the sun goes

down and the villa’s heart still beats


Dharma Angels is available for sale on Amazon as well as John K Bucher’s other many books



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