Dharma Angels

Sideshow Media Group has just released my latest work of poetry- DHARMA ANGELS


It is for sale on Amazon and I want to give you an idea what this book contains and what you could expect. 

“There is no single word in Western language for “dharma” and certainly not “dharma angels”, so I studied them all and came up with my own definintion: human behaviors, principles, or things that seem necessary for the order of nature, living creatures, religious beliefs, family structures, and music on an individual level to go forward. Without such things we shall all surely perish.”  – John K Bucher

The third book entitled “California Beat Poetry”, the poems highlight some of the people, places, things and ideas that fascinate me. I decided to ignore the weeds around me and pick the flowers I saw and now share them with you in this collection. Over the next few weeks I will share some of them on this blog. As personal appearance dates become firm I will post these as well. In those I do a live read of many of the poems and will autograph copies sold there. 

I dedicated this book to my mother.

“This little book of poems is dedicated to the memory of my mother-Muriel Joyce Bucher (1930-2016). She is one of those missing dharma angels who is not still among us yet is still very much loved.”



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