Welcome to the new look and content….

A new look and fresh content has arrived.  Last month I posted several “tastes” of my newest book “CALIFORNIA BEAT POETRY- NUMBER 2” with yours truly reading some of the poems.


I have revamped the look of this place, and will offer a weekly look at things that cross my path and other beatnik thoughts and items I am puzzling over.



Feel free to comment or contact me at :jkb817@gmail.com.

I am on Facebook.com/bucherjk and Twitter.com/bucherjk

My books are on Amazon : http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0988930587?keywords=john%20bucher&qid=1446395124&ref_=sr_1_4&s=books&sr=1-4

Last week while I was coming back from the post office I encountered the crew from Jimmy Kimmel and ended up on the Holloween show:

On Friday I will talk about Quentin Tarrentino and his new movie about to debut. Having met him a few times and hearing his back stories about some of his favorite  works, I will feature an older movie he made- Jackie Brown. See you then.


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