Reading From California Beat Poetry


Page 113 In-And-Out


The sign calls me down to Sunset and the smell pushes me through the door

I think of The Dude while I order and the hard labor he might deplore

Animal style and no where to sit among the crowds who crave the same

I should have said “to go” as my energy drains fast

My number is called and I carry it out beside a palm tree

Delicious beyond belief I feel my blood rush as my bladder calls

Watching the night Sunset traffic my mood is Leopard strong

The passing car’s radio plays a country song

I head up Orange and into the hotel’s ultra-clean restrooms

Hot water forces a yowl and I wipe my red hands on cotton towels

In-And-Out is the night tonic for this strange life

In-And-Out washes away troubles, demons, strife, and even hunger


For a copy of this book click on the image below:

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