Reading From California Beat Poetry


Page 25 Roads Made Of Red



Limos drive up while fans get a look

screaming and waving “please sign my book”

all their lives actors work hard

scrimping and saving for that SAG card

but when that day comes and they get out of bed

knowing that now they walk on roads made of red

Every set every scene the lines fill their head

hoping to see the roads made of red

Even a hillbilly, a Clampett named Jed

stepped into the lights where roads turned red

Married to Jane, a Turner named Ted

came to Hollywood where the roads streaked bright red

A fairy tale land where reality has fled

where the roads are made of red


For a copy of this book click on this:




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  1. johnkbucher · April 14, 2018

    Reblogged this on Beat Poet Hindsight.


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