Being Nice Instead of F**K You!


History tells us for at least several thousand years, once man began to civilize and live in groups, certain rules of etiquette evolved. People found it distasteful for other to urinate or defecate in front of the group, especially when they were eating or being entertained. Helping women or children who are smaller than adult men came into fashion. By the time Shakespeare was writing plays, there were books and even schools to educate the young how to behave. Even today, there are many “must learn” rules in order to be introduced to the Queen of England.

So, what happened?

Fast forward to 2014.

Not only is it okay to be rude and devoid of any courtesy or manners, it has become expected. Anyone outside of their house now can push, yell, scream obscenities, hit a pedestrian, crush them under their wheels and leave, with no fear of their conscience troubling them. Why?

How did our modern, advanced, society become so screwed up? Well, first, we must admit we are screwed up. That is the root of the problem. People never want to admit they are wrong about anything. They love to say “I rock”, when in all actuality they are just garden variety assholes whose only trait is selfishness.

Okay, enough already, you get the point. Now, let’s talk about what to do. The first thing that has to change is our perception of being nice instead of “f**k you!” Most think that if rudeness is met with being nice, you have let the other person win. In another view, that if you let a stranger in front you, then you have given value or importance to someone who doesn’t deserve any better treatment than a prisoner of war. That is my next point. If we all cultivate the notion that all or most human life is worthless, then we should give up now. However, sometimes it gets old trying keep up and return the rude behavior with even better badness. Then is the day you decide to let the ones in such a hurry they choose to ignore there is a line and seek inner peace by being nice.

You will be amazed as you open doors and let others cut in front of you how much better your own world will be. Smile at people rather than frown. Put your frigging cell phone up and notice people around you. Try to be nice more often or this is what we end up with.

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