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In Stephen King’s “On Writing”, he reveals the rules of the trade in very simple terms. In order to say you are a writer, you must write, something, anything, everything, nothing. That’s it. I meet folks who say they are a writer. I ask them what they have written today? Yesterday? This week? This month. The answer is usually the same. They say they have some ideas but have not had time yet to write them down. I wrote 3 novels while working a 45 hour per week job. Most working writers I know have a quota per day in either words or pages and will not go to bed until that is accomplished. You will never get a clear idea of where your story is going unless you keep writing. Turn off the television, I Phone, internet, etc. for just a while. Get a blank notebook and a pen. Write something down everyday. That’s it. Your story will unfold. Will you get published? I don’t know…..maybe. I continue to write and some of what I pen and work hard with and finish gets published. I have been writing screenplays the last few years but still write a book now and then. Keep writing!

suicide cowboys cover


cw cover md cover

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  1. Sibylle Ingeborg Preuschat · January 22, 2015

    John, thanks so much for following Heart of Life Poetry, I appreciate it. Reading this post, I find your dedication to your craft is inspiring.


    • johnkbucher · January 23, 2015

      Thank you for the kind comments. Poetry is life and we will die as a culture unless we encourage poets to write and value their work. Not only that, our hearts must listen and follow their words and sentences. Life is a journey that searches for meaning which is never discovered in money or material things. Let us rejoice in our calling and always rise to the blank page with an open mind and always write what we feel and see.

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