Mountains of Fear


looming in the far distance

acres of rocks made of fear

afraid to climb them

unknowingly grinding those gears

it’s those mountains

looking down at me

telling me lies

that I can never be free

maybe someday

I’ll swear and I’ll vow

promising tomorrow

will some way be now

afraid to try

or even think

gun to gun

they make me blink

heard tell of others

who can easily ascend

my leaky canoe

will sink around the bend

maybe I’m worthless

others swear I’m not

those mountains start to frown

their grimace a knot

a prisoner of fear

trapped in a room

If I ever get up there

it had better be soon







mirrored images

blurry crooked faces

broken door locks and pools of dismay

the water’s surface

hot nights on the floor

days so god damn long

hunger that hurts

ugly faces and the answer is NO

always NO

broken statues in an unplowed field

sun beats hard

no rain or winds

dirty old suit from a store long closed

Jupiter rising and the gypsy wagon disappeared

coffee stains

a sharp slap in the face

No sleep

No sleep

No sleep

Faded Memories


She rode the train back to her hometown

It rained that day, puddles all around

It had been years since she left this sweet place

She wondered if anyone would remember her face

In her head were pictures of an idyllic past

When life seemed so perfect, good times appeared to last

When manners were for certain and doors unlocked

life was as solid as a grandfather clock

She left the station and walked down empty streets

Looking for anyone to hello and greet

Much to her chagrin the town had up and died

Nothing was familiar and she began to cry

Faded old memories and a few rusty signs

Was all there was left of this mythical time

She boarded the train and shut the small door

Of faded old memories and all its lost lore




the giant rises from a rusty sleep

smoke in the mountains form columns so deep

the giant is raging across burned world and wide

the few still left scurry into the caves and hide

reptile armies buzz to hunt pillage and kill

insanity now rules until rear has its fill

what happened to peace prosperity and wealth?

society got sick and neglected its health

hate became common as did murder of the soul

blackened minds rotted the good life I’m told

now a wasteland dirty and burnt

one day a civilization next day we we weren’t

hope was abandoned and we took the wrong path

seeds of destruction reaped such horrid wrath

how could we have been so stupid and insane?

giving away control of heart soul and brain?

the sun is setting and then comes the end

quarter to midnight just round the bend


Old Poets


Down in the Bowery or way out in North Beach

they gather or sit in solitude

to ponder and think

to drink and get high

to curse and tell stories

of Ginsberg and his lovers

of discovering Rimbaud and Henry Miller

of long gone Paris book stores and pauper life

how Alexander Pope lived and died

how sweet Maya Angelou was on the street

how Dante Aligheri must still be alive

sometimes at midnight they gather and feed the stray cats at the graveyard

and quote Bukowski

and read from Aleister Crowley

and drink to D H Lawrence

but mostly in coffee shops and bars they frequent and dwell

they write the verses of mankind

they listen for the voices in the thin air

they allow their gift to cast its wonderful spell


Watching the 101


a black ribbon of humanity grabbing the edge of America

over mountains, deserts, green fields, towns and cities

biggest trucks and the smallest cars vie for a space

carrying their stories, dreams and loads

this old highway has been home to the writers

the music makers, the movie makers, and the fruit pickers

day and night the traffic moves and then disappears

along the blue ocean and gold laden mountains

this road has seen the rains come in torrents and earthquakes that follow

car after car

they drive

past redwoods and the big cities

just to sit and watch this ballet of metal

sifting through problems

a display we are unable to categorize


I am going camping today and won’t be around any internet connection tomorrow so I will post two today.




I was raised in a world where being nice to others was expected

I was raised in a world where manners were demanded

I was raised in a church where the Golden Rule was real

I was raised to respect those around me

I was raised to be humble not get the “big head”

I was punished for ever being rude

I was punished for interrupting anyone

I was raised in a world where people were nice to me

I was raised in a generation where peace and love was the mantra

I was raised in a generation that sang “All You Need Is Love”

Now I live in a world where the most vile things are said

Now I live in a world where strangers are rude

Now I live in a time where education has little value

Now I live in a time where book stores close

Now I live in a world of identity politics

Now I live amongst religious nuts

Now I live where libraries are only used by the homeless

Now I live in a time where romance is dead

Now I live in a time where there is no talk of the future

Now I live in a civilized world